The Jean Louis Tribouley L’Alba was a recommendation from Frankly Wines.  This is a very interesting wine from an area I know little about, AOC Côtes du Roussillon, in the Languedoc region of France.  The Languedoc is a very up and coming area that has been getting more and more press and buzz the past few years.

L’Alba is made from a blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre, which are grapes typically used to create Rhone style blends.  The color is a medium to dark reddish purple.  On the nose there is smoked beef jerky, dark fruit, and fresh cracked black pepper.  The wine is meaty, with moderate acidity and tannins.  The fruit is not jammy at all and it has a distinct earthy element which is nice.  Would pair well with any type of grilled meat or sausage.  Drinking well now and over the next few years.  Purchased at Frankly Wines for $22.99, it represents a good value for the money and is a new experience for lovers of Rhone style wine, especially Northern Rhone.  EXCELLENT VALUE – RECOMMENDED

The importer of this wine, Peter Weygandt, specializes in unique French wines.  The Jean Louis Tribouley, L’Alba is certainly no exception.  If you see the Weygandt label on the back of a bottle in a store or at a restaurant, you should know you are getting a quality wine that may be a bit more off the beaten path.  There are a couple other famous importers, such as Neal Rosenthal and Kermit Lynch, for example, who are also to be trusted on their label on the back of the wines they import.  If you are in doubt and you see their label, you should know you will always get a quality bottle of wine.  I encourage anyone, and everyone, to seek out wines from these esteemed importers.