Salice Salentino
Top 10 Wines of 2011.

Top 10 Wines of 2011.

Okay, well forget top ten, let’s make it a baker’s dozen while we’re at it.  No particular order, I will just list them youngest to oldest according to vintage.  There are some reds, some young, some old, a white, a rosé, and even a non vintage number.  Just wines that kept me thinking throughout the...
"Italianess":  Does it exist?

“Italianess”: Does it exist?

Italian – ness:  [It-al-iyan-iss] Noun.  1. The state of being Italian.  2. To be or to personify Italian spirit.  3. The thoughts and feelings, collectively, of an individual or of an aggregate of a culture of people, places, and things, which happen to be Italian. I think that a sense of “Italianess” is more present...